EOIR Reverts to Old 800# System

“The Executive Office for Immigration Review Announces Update Regarding Upgrades to its Telephone Case Information System
FALLS CHURCH, Va. – The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) today announced a change to the security enhancements to its telephone case information system. As previously announced for the August 30, 2010, launch of phase one, EOIR successfully moved the system to a more stable and reliable server that uses more modern technology. Phase two involved enhanced security features to access the system. After internal review and further consideration, EOIR has reexamined the security features projected for phase two. EOIR has determined that the security considerations could be resolved operationally without the need for additional user requirements. Specifically, this will be done by enhancing EOIR’s internal administrative and physical controls to prevent unauthorized access and disclosure of information through the telephone system. In lieu of moving forward with the second phase on October 4, 2010, EOIR will make internal operational modifications to better protect respondents’ case information. Access to the new system is, therefore, identical to the original system. Users will continue to access case information by entering the relevant alien registration number.” From EOIR News Release.


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