Immigrants Raise Wages for Native-born Americans

A Washington Post article simplifies the statistics and studies which show that immigration is good for America and illustrates how it is plain, old-fashioned common sense. For example, many Americans opposed to immigration “imagine an economy where the number of jobs is fixed. Then, if one immigrant comes in, he takes one of those jobs or forces a worker to accept a lower wage. But that’s not how our economy works. With more labor – particularly more labor of different kinds – the economy grows larger. It produces more stuff. There are more workers buying things, creating demand. That increases the total number of jobs. We understand perfectly well that Europe is in trouble because its low birth rates mean fewer workers – and that means less economic growth. We ourselves worry that we’re not graduating enough scientists and engineers. But the economy doesn’t care if it gets workers through birth rates or green cards.”

Immigration is how America “landed Google, Intel and the atomic bomb. Immigrants are about twice as likely as native-born Americans to start a small business, and they’re 30 percent more likely to apply for a patent.” I am the child of immigrants – when my father immigrated from Venezuela in the early 1960’s, he did not speak English. He ended up becoming the wonderboy of Wall Street. My mother, a pediatrician, was the head of the nursery at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and had her own practice (which employed dozens of Americans) for almost 40 years. I firmly believe that they and other immigrants benefit the U.S. They bring flavor, intellect, prosperity, ingenuity, make America cosmopolitan, and perpetuate “the American Dream.” Below is a picture of Dr. Albert Einstein taking the U.S. Oath of Allegiance at his naturalization swearing-in ceremony.

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