My Small Wedding Style Pinterest Board

As an immigration attorney who assists clients with fiance visas and marriage-based green cards, I am sometimes asked to give advice on wedding venues and even the nuts and bolts of obtaining a marriage license and marriage certificate.  My fiance visa clients must also plan weddings without really being able to plan them ahead of time.  Those entering the U.S. on fiance visas must marry within 90 days.  They also can’t predict when they will actually get their visas.  So oftentimes, the couple will plan a small civil wedding, and sometimes follow up with a big vow renewal with all their loved ones from across the country and around the world at a later date.  I often tell them that these small weddings are my favorite.  Whether it was a Scottish bride wearing a red column dress and fascinator and groom wearing a kilt at City Hall; an outdoor wedding at the courthouse in Marin County; a lovely small luncheon reception at a favorite restaurant or friend’s house; or a wedding at the beach with flower in hair officiated by a friend, small weddings are often the sweetest.  They can beat the 450-guest wedding with the cotton candy Cinderella wedding dress any day in my book.  All you need is love and a little panache.  In the spirit of lovely small weddings, I’ve created a Pinterest board with ideas for my fiance visa clients and hope you find it helpful: Grace Alano’s Wedding Pinterest Board.

By Grace Alano.  Grace Alano is an immigration attorney at The Law Offices of Grace R. Alano in San Francisco, CA. Find Grace Alano on Google+


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